Build a Food Truck


After you have chosen your vehicle, it's interior is stripped of existing fixtures, shelving and cladding to bare walls.


Our installers, consulting with the design team then begin to assemble the interior of your vehicle taking into consideration the unique requirements that your Food Truck needs for the type of cuisine to be prepared.

The best materials, quality of manufacturing and professional installation insures that you start on your food truck adventure with a vehicle that is well planned and easy to maintain.


Extensive planning goes into this process and our partnership with every food truck entrepreneur is what makes the finished project  something to be proud of owning and operating  for years to come.



Brushed Aluminum Ceiling

stays cleaner than white


24ga Quilted Stainless Walls

          does not show defects in the truck body


1/16th  Diamond Plate Floor

anti skid surface


1½” Aluminum Welded Frames for Cabinet Bodies

light weight and durable


18ga Stainless Steel Counters

Health dept cleanable


Solid Core Alum Back Door

for durability


Hood Mart Concession Hoods

above cooking equipment


Calf Turtle Top

for venting


LED Lighting

long lasting and efficient


You supply appliances or we would use

Blue Air for refrigeration


Royal for all the hot


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